Book Name


 Cacti and Other
Succulents in the

Written by Shirley-Anne Bell and with photographs by Neville Bell, 

both of Glenhirst Cactus Nursery!

The book deals with exciting hardy and half hardy plantings of cacti,

 other succulents and related architectural plants all of which will

 give you the information to plant up a low maintenance, colourful,

evergreen and absolutely mould-breaking garden, including rockeries,

 gravel and scree gardens,  container planting, unusual water

 features and more. There is also information on what will grow

where in the UK and a comprehensive illustrated plant directory.

 The book is published by GMC publications, and is an A4ish

 paperback, 200 pages with over 300 photographs. A bargain 

at only £6.99.



Growing Cacti and Other


in the
 Conservatory & Indoors

A great companion to G1! Again written by Shirley-Anne Bell and
with photographs by Neville Bell, both of Glenhirst Cactus
 This is a display-orientated title, dealing with exciting easy
care displays for the house or conservatory, along with care,
 maintenance and propagation, and detailed plant selection
 details. Again this is an A4ish paperback published by GMC
 Publications and richly illustrated with Neville’s photographs.
 A bargain at only £6.99.