True Cacti & Epiphytic Cacti

Cacti are stem succulent plants that have originated in hot and dry areas in the Americas. They are tolerant plants and are very easy to care for. Their leaves have changed into spines growing from furry areoles. These spines, which vary from a bristly down to ferocious hooks and come in a range of attractive colours, protect the plants from the heat and from grazing animals. The stems grow in simple shapes like spheres and columns, often with ribs and tubercles, to store scarce water supplies.

Cacti are appealing not only for their attractive and unusual shapes and spination, but also for their stunning flowers. Some people think that cacti don’t flower or that they only flower once every ten years. But most cacti will flower every year just like every other plant. Some of the little globular cacti, like rebutias, are renowned for their beauty and readiness to flower.

Plant Name Description Price
ANCISTROCACTUS SCHEERII spherical, oblong or club-shaped body, with tubercles, white to straw-coloured spines with darker central spines, greenish-yellow flowers £2.95
ASTROPHYTUM ASTERIAS very attractive plants, round with no spines, they are patterned with white dots and closely resemble sea urchins. The large, yellow flowers are red centred making this one of the choicest members of this group £4.25
ASTROPHYTUM SENILE appealing species with long curving grey and black spines, large yellow flowers £2.95
CHAMAECEREUS HYBRID IRIS MYERS bright yellow flowers £2.95
CHAMAECEREUS HYBRID MAGNIFICENT a truly special flower in shades of glossy pink and purple £2.95
CHAMAECEREUS HYBRID RAGGED ROBIN purple-red flowers with “ragged” petals £2.95
CHAMAECEREUS SILVESTRII always impressive, scarlet flowers. Peanut cactus £2.95
CHAMAECEREUS SILVESTRII CRASSICAULE a most peculiar plant which develops clumps of thick stems ending in a cristate hammer head. Crimson flowers £2.95
CHAMAECEREUS SILVESTRII HYBRIDS varied colourful hybrids of the peanut cactus. Large flowers £2.95
CHAMAECEREUS UNCLE ARTHUR flowers pale scarlet £2.95
COPIAPOA HUMILIS small, spherical and deep green to olive-green, sometimes with a reddish overlay. Bristly with fine white spines and a longer central spine, and bearing yellow flowers £2.95
CORYPHANTHA VIVIPARA NEOMEXICANA attractive, white-spined species with very large, purplish-pink flowers. Will stand frost if kept dry in winter £2.95
DOLICOTHELE (MAMMILLARIA) LONGIMAMMA noteworthy for its large pale yellow flowers and long pale green tubercles £2.95
ECHINOCEREUS RIGIDISSIMUS V. RUBISPINUS fine spined, short, cylindrical plants with huge, glossy purple flowers with yellow centres £2.95
ECHINOCEREUS SCHEERII clumping species with large pinkish-red flowers £2.95
ECHINOCEREUS VIERECKII MORICALII freely offsetting erect with stems up to 20 cm tall. Yellow spines and very large violet-pink flowers £2.95
GYMNOCACTUS KNUTHIANUS globular type, up to 7cm tall, with beautiful white spines. Flowers in shades of pink. Choice £2.95
GYMNOCALYCIUM BRUCHII choice miniature, clustering species with lilac flowers £2.95
GYMNOCALYCIUM MULTIFLORUM (OURSELIANUM) bright green plants having flattened, curved, yellow spines. Bell shaped, pink flowers shading to almost white £2.95
GYMNOCALYCIUM TILLIANUM noted for its thick, curving grey spines flattened against the plant. Large, magenta flowers £2.95
HAMATOCACTUS SETISPINUS yellow flowers with red centre produced throughout the year. Globular plants £2.95
LEUCHTENBERGIA PRINCIPIS a most peculiar species and the only member of this genus. Hugely elongated blue grey tubercles with raffia like spines. Silken yellow flowers. Rare. £2.95
LOBIVIA ARACHNACANTHA TORRECILLASENSIS small clumping and with large glossy purple flowers. £2.95
LOBIVIA ZECHERI bluish-green plants with violet-red flowers £2.95
MAMMILLARIA BOCASANA clustering species with masses of white wool and white spines, cream or pink flowers £2.95
MAMMILLARIA MATUDAE out of the ordinary species, cylindrical body with masses of light purple flowers. Very attractive spination £2.95
MAMMILLARIA MAZATLANENSIS clumping cylindrical stems, impressive maroon flowers. £2.95
MAMMILLARIA NOUREDDINEANA becoming cylindrical and reaching up to 15cm tall. white spines and white wool at the top of the plant which bears lots of maroon flowers £2.95
MAMMILLARIA SHELDONII notable for its large pink flowers edged white £2.95
MAMMILLARIA SPHAERICA showy plants with soft, white spines, long pale green tubercles and large, pale yellow flowers £2.95
MAMMILLARIA ZEILMANNIANA superb freely-flowering species with rings of lilac flowers. One of the best mammillarias for a long and showy display of flowers £2.95
MATUCANA POLZII strongly offsetting, large red flowers £2.95
MATUCANA WEBERBAUERI flattened round plants with yellow brown spines and large tubular yellow flowers £2.95
NEOPORTERIA DIMORPHA a remarkable black-bodied species with yellow and brown flowers £2.95
NEOPORTERIA SETOSIFLORA olive-green to black with grey spines. Large yellowish to brick-red flowers £2.95
NEOPORTERIA VILLOSA grows into a dark green, almost black, plant with grey spines and magenta flowers £2.95
NOTOCACTUS ROSEIFLORUS solitary, growing to 12cm high by 6.5 cm; flowers lavender pink, 3.5 cm across £2.95
OPUNTIA ACANTHOCARPA branching, cylindrical stems, up to 2m high; large red and yellow flowers. Hardy outside in the UK. £2.95
OPUNTIA ROBUSTA MONSTROSUS attractive miniature grey columns with small elongated pads £2.95
OPUNTIA SUBULATA rapidly growing clustering columns, reaching a metre and more quickly. It makes a magnificent candelabrum if the top is cut off and the branches are allowed to sprout, will grow into a massive specimen if bedded into a glasshouse; red flowers. Will grow well in the garden or on a patio in summer. £2.95
PARODIA WEBERIANA globular plants with grey spines, yellow, orange or red flowers £2.95
PYRRHOCACTUS BULBOCALYX green-grey spherical or elongating bodies with upturned spines. Yellow and orange flowers £2.95
REBUTIA ARCHIBUININGIANA golden yellow spines, freely offsetting with peach/orange flowers £2.95
REBUTIA HOFFMANNII this offsetting species has a dense covering of short white spines. Orange-salmon flowers £2.95
REBUTIA MUSCULA an outstanding species with dense white spines and bright orange flowers. Choic £2.95
REBUTIA PSEUDODEMINUTA beautiful maroon flowers produced in large numbers. One of the later flowering rebutias. £2.95
SULCOREBUTIA MENESESII V MUSCHII clumping plants with yellow curving spines. Numerous golden yellow flowers. £3.50
SULCOREBUTIA PERPLEXIFLORA dark green, clustering, with large glossy maroon flowers £3.50
TRICHOCEREUS TERSCHEKII tall, stout branching columns eventually reaching 12m tall in habitat; large 20cm long white flowers £3.25