Hardy Cacti

Hardy cacti tolerate life in the garden well and certainly make for an interesting and unusual display. They originate from colder areas and so have more frost resistance. Cacti can stand cold conditions only when dry, so they need to be planted in raised and free draining positions, preferably south facing.

Plant Name Description Price
CORYPHANTHA VIVIPARA NEOMEXICANA attractive, white-spined species with very large, purplish-pink flowers. Will stand frost if kept dry in winter £2.95
GYMNOCALYCIUM BRUCHII choice miniature, clustering species with lilac flowers £2.95
GYMNOCALYCIUM GIBBOSUM olive green, sometimes almost black, plants with 6 to 7cm long white flowers. Hardy outside in the UK £2.95
OPUNTIA ACANTHOCARPA branching, cylindrical stems, up to 2m high; large red and yellow flowers. Hardy outside in the UK. £2.95

Hardy Succulents

Many of the hardy “Other Succulents” are more tolerant of the cold than the true cacti. Some crassulas, aloes, agaves and delospermas will grow happily in almost any position, while others will flourish in a raised and free draining position.

Plant Name Description Price
AGAVE ANGUSTIFOLIA rosettes of straight stiff leaves, light grey; grows up to 1m high and the same across. Produces numerous offsets. Will stand a few degrees of frost. Does well in a pot. £2.95
AGAVE DESERTI banded, rigid blue green leaves in rosettes up to 37cm high and 50cm across. Will survive temperatures down to -10 degrees C if kept dry. £2.95
AGAVE GHIESBREGHTII 15 inch long leaves, dark green with a thin grey horny edge. Hardy down to at least -4 degrees C. £2.95
AGAVE SCABRA a distinctive and graceful plant with long grey upright leaves. It may be hardy in some parts of the UK, but must be in well drained soil. It grows 1 metre tall and 1.5 metres wide £2.95
AGAVE UTAHENSIS grey-green tapering leaves forming rosettes up to 70cm across. Hardy outside in the UK in a well-drained site £2.95
ALOINOPSIS SETIFERA bluish green thick-leaved succulents related to Lithops. Golden yellow to salmon pink flowers. Hardy outside in many parts of the UK £2.95
DELOSPERMA COOPERII marvellous mat-forming plant which produces magenta flowers from April to October in our garden. Can be grown inside, but it is hardy. £2.95
ECHEVERIA PERLE VON NURNBERG amazing purple leaved hybrid with geranium pink flowers. Good in a conservatory or on a patio for the summer. Does well bedded out for the summer. Will survive winters in the UK in a favourable site. £2.95
SEDUM X RUBROTINCTUM very pretty, green and rich cherry red, club shaped, succulent leaves and yellow flowers. Suitable for trailing over the edge of pots or planters. Will survive winter outside in some parts of the UK. £2.95
TITANOPSIS CALCAREA encrusted blue grey leaves forming a rosette, golden yellow flowers. Something different. Hardy in well drained site in milder parts of the UK. £2.95