Lithops (Living Stones)

Lithops are to be found growing half-submerged in very dry areas of Southern Africa. They strongly resemble spotted and mottled pebbles, hence their popular name. With age they form fine clusters. Their large, daisy-like flowers, often produced when the plants are quite small, are either white or yellow. They are autumn-flowering.

Plant Name Description Price
AUCAMPIAE V KOELMANI reddish brown; not windowed. Yellow flowers. £2.95
BROMFIELDII V GLAUDINAE reddish brown with grey markings. Yellow flowers. £2.95
BROMFIELDII V MENNELLII pinkish brown with dark brown lines; yellow flowers £2.95
BROMFIELDII V SULPHUREA lime green plants with numerous small darker green blotches. Yellow flowers. £3.50
DINTERI smooth pinky-brown or grey with pale dots and red spots and marks. Yellow flowers £2.95
DINTERI V FREDERICI pale grey-brown with reddish brown and grey patches and dots. Yellow flowers. £2.95
DOROTHEA pinkish-yellow body, translucent windows with small islands with red dots and lines; yellow flowers £2.95
GESINAE V ANNAE the top of the body is deep pink to ochre, covered with large deep pink or brown windows with islands and dark bluish green spots with branching borders; flowers yellow £2.95
LESLIEI greyish yellow to coffee, with greenish-brown spots and furrows; flowers golden yellow, very occasionally white £2.95
LESLIEI F ALBINICA distinctly translucent, grass green to yellowish sheen with yellow lines and patches. One of the rarer lithops. White flowers £3.50
LESLIEI MARIAE orangey body with many darker dots. Yellow flowers £2.95
LESLIEI V VENTERI greyish yellow islands and margins. Yellow flowers £2.95
OLIVACEA olive green with green window, flowers yellow £2.95
OTZENIANA forms large clumps. Grey background with olive-green patches. Yellow flowers £2.95
PSEUDOTRUNCATELLA brownish grey to pale grey; flowers golden yellow, occasionally white £2.95
PSEUDOTRUNCATELLA V VOLKII pale grey with distinct translucent dots. Yellow flowers. £2.95
SALICOLA grey with dotted darker-grey patches, white flowers £2.95
SCHWANTESII V RUGOSA orange-brown with grey and reddish-brown lines and curls. Yellow flowers £2.95
TURBINIFORMIS V DABNERI pale greyish blue with dark crowded channels. Yellow flowers £2.95
TURBINIFORMIS V ELEPHINA greyish-yellow to orange-yellow £2.95
TURBINIFORMIS V MARGINATA reddish brown often with a mix of beige and grey. Yellow flowers £2.95