Cactus and Succulent Seeds

We have carefully collected together a selection of freshly harvested species, many of which are hard to obtain, and we’re confident that you’ll find something here to interest you. Every species listed has earned its place by offering some outstanding quality – nothing here has been offered just because it’s easily available, they are all plants that we would like to see in our own collection. Most of the plants have exceptionally beautiful or large flowers, while others have interesting shapes or impressive spines.

Cactus Seeds

prices listed are for packets of 10 seeds

Name Description Price
ASTROPHYTUM ASTERIAS very attractive plants, round with no spines, they are patterned with white dots and closely resemble sea urchins. The large, yellow flowers are red centred making this one of the choicest members of this group £0.50
ASTROPHYTUM CAPRICORNE superb, white-speckled body, black “goat-horn” spines. Large yellow flowers £0.45
ASTROPHYTUM MYRIOSTIGMA called the “Bishop’s Cap Cactus” because of its 5 angular ribs. It is a very attractive plant, covered in white dots and completely spineless. It has large yellow flowers £0.45
ASTROPHYTUM ORNATUM curved spines, body strongly speckled with white dots, light yellow flowers. A very good looking plant £0.45
CARNEGIA GIGANTEA the large branching and famous ‘Cowboy cactus’, but don’t worry it takes years to grow to its full size! £0.45
CEREUS PERUVIANUS tall growing blue-green columns with 6 to 8 ribs. Large white flowers on old specimens. In recent years this plant has got the reputation for absorbing rays emitted from computer screens. Whether or not it is true, we do not know, but we have sold many of these plants to a big insurance company! £0.45
COPIAPOA HYPOGAEA very dramatic black plants with black spines and contrasting yellow flowers tinged pink £0.65
COPIAPOA TENUISSIMA striking olive-green species with grey spines and yellowish pink flowers £0.65
ECHINOCEREUS REICHENBACHII BAILEYII white spines tinged pink, large light purple flowers. Hardy outside in the UK £0.55
ECHINOCEREUS TRIGLOCHIDIATUS sparse, but long white and black spines. Long lasting deep red to salmon flowers. Hardy outside in the UK £0.55
ECHINOCEREUS VIRIDIFLORUS offsetting and producing unusual yellowish-green flowers. Hardy outside in the UK in a well drained rockery. £0.55
GYMNOCALYCIUM BALDIANUM dark grey to bluish green plants with magnificent flowers in shades of red and maroon. One of the best gymnocalyciums £0.45
GYMNOCALYCIUM BRUCHII choice miniature, clustering species with lilac flowers £0.45
GYMNOCALYCIUM OCCULTUM rare, slow growing, brown-bodied species with red and white flowers £0.55
HAMATOCACTUS SETISPINUS yellow flowers with red centre produced throughout the year. Globular plants £0.50
HILDERWINTERIA AUREISPINA branching pendant stems producing orange-pink flowers which last for several days and nights £0.65
LEUCHTENBERGIA PRINCIPIS a most peculiar species and the only member of this genus. Hugely elongated blue grey tubercles with raffia like spines. Silken yellow flowers. Rare. £0.50
LOPHOPHORA WILLIAMSII rare and difficult to obtain. Grey blue body, pink flowers. The Peyote cactus formerly used by North American tribes in ceromonies. £1.30
MAMMILLARIA BOMBYCINA light carmine flowers, very attractive spines £0.45
MAMMILLARIA DIXANTHOCENTRON attractive, symmetrical, white spined plants bearing light red flowers. Columnar with age £0.50
MAMMILLARIA HAHNIANA desirable species with long white hairs, turkey-red flowers. Robust and easy to grow. £0.45
MAMMILLARIA PILCAYENS recommended for its freely produced, numerous rings of purple flowers £0.55
MAMMILLARIA SENILIS one of the most beautiful of all cacti. Fluffy white plants completely covered in silvery white spines. Mature plants cluster. Large red flowers. £0.50
MAMMILLARIA ZEILMANNIANA superb freely-flowering species with rings of lilac flowers. One of the best mammillarias for a long and showy display of flowers £0.45
NOTOCACTUS UEBELMANNIANUS a fine looking, glossy, dark green cactus with wavy spines flattened against the plant and sometimes interlacing. Glossy, wine red flowers £0.55
PARODIA LAUII superb species with salmon reddish, glossy flowers tipped carmine, shading to yellow, orange and red £0.55
PARODIA SANGUINIFLORA spiral ribs covered in fine, white, bristly spines. Large, bright red, glossy flowers £0.45
PELECYPHORA VALDEZIANA miniature rarity with hair-like feathery spines and violet-pink flowers £0.95
REBUTIA KIESLINGII clustering plants with large orange flowers £0.50
REBUTIA MUSCULA an outstanding species with dense white spines and bright orange flowers. Choice £0.45
REBUTIA SENILIS KESSELRINGIANA unusual yellow-flowered form of this fine species. It is covered in fine, glassy-white spines. £0.50
REBUTIA VIOLACIFLORA magnificent large lilac-purple flowers £0.45
SETIECHINOPSIS MIRABILIS remarkable brown-purple plants with cream flowers on a very long stem. The flowers are perfumed and open at night. Easy to grow and flower £0.45
THELOCACTUS BICOLOR attractively coloured spines and large, deep pink flowers often produced a few times each year £0.45
TRICHOCEREUS BRIDGESSII tall growing, dark green cylindrical stems. Huge, 18cm long white flowers. Rapid grower, can be used for grafting £0.45
TRICHOCEREUS PACHANOI bluish-green branching columns. Large white flowers with blackish hairs. One of the best stocks for grafting slower-growing cacti £0.50
TRICHOCEREUS PERUVIANUS bluish green ‘frosted’ ribbed columns up to few metres tall eventually. Very long white flowers. £0.50

Succulent Seeds

prices listed are for packets of 10 seeds

Name Description Price
AGAVE UTAHENSIS grey-green tapering leaves forming rosettes up to 70cm across. Hardy outside in the UK in a well-drained site £0.50
ALOINOPSIS SCHOONESII peculiar plants with dark green to blue-green almost spherical leaves. The flowers are yellowish to red and have a silky, glossy surface. Very unusual plants! £0.45
ALOINOPSIS SETIFERA bluish-green, thick-leaved succulents related to Lithops. Golden yellow to salmon pink flowers. Hardy outside in many parts of the UK. £0.45
ARGYRODERMA DELAETII consists of two half-egg shaped leaves and produces a large daisy like flower from the junction. White, purple and yellow are all possible flower colours £0.50
CONOPHYTUM CHRISTIANSENIANUM blue-green plants with two lobes. Large yellow flowers £0.45
FENESTRARIA AURANTIACA curious windowed plants with golden yellow flowers £0.45
FRITHIA PULCHRA ‘windowed’ grey clustering stems with flowers of various colours, usually purple with white centre. Very nice! £0.50
LAPIDARIA MARGARETAE clumping, reddish grey plants resembling Lithops. Golden yellow flowers, turning reddish when fading. An attractive species £0.50
TACITUS BELLUM Olive green rosettes with large vivid red flowers. (Sometimes listed in the genus Graptopetalum) £0.80
TITANOPSIS CALCAREA encrusted blue grey leaves forming a rosette, golden yellow flowers. Something different. Hardy in well drained site in milder parts of the UK. £0.50

Lithops Seeds

prices listed are for packets of 10 seeds

Name Description Price
AUCAMPIAE reddish brown with darker brown lines and mottling. Yellow flowers £0.50
BROMFIELDII V INSULARIS dark translucent green with red spots and lines £0.50
COMPTONII clump forming. Grey-brown with olive green blotches and patches. Yellow flowers. £0.50
DOROTHEA pinkish-yellow body, translucent windows with small islands with red dots and lines; yellow flowers £0.50
KARASMONTANA BELLA pale yellowish ochre with grey feathered lines and patches. White flowers £0.50
KARASMONTANA V SUMMITATUM brick red to orange with branching grooves. White flowers. £0.50
LOCALIS browny green with olive green dots on top, grey sides. Yellow flowers £0.50
OTZENIANA forms large clumps. Grey background with olive-green patches. Yellow flowers £0.50
PSEUDOTRUNCATELLA brownish grey to pale grey; flowers golden yellow, occasionally white £0.50
PSEUDOTRUNCATELLA V GROENDRAYENSIS greyish-white patterned with dark, very fine dots and lines. Yellow flowers £0.50
SCHWANTESII V RUGOSA orange-brown with grey and reddish-brown lines and curls. Yellow flower £0.50
TURBINIFORMIS V SUBFENESTRATA violet brown. Yellow flowers £0.50
VERRUCULOSA slowly clustering heads coloured blue-grey with reddish tints. Sometimes with red dots and rough undulations. Flowers are peach to white £0.50
VILLETTII green grey to violet grey with distinct windows. Flowers grey-whit £0.50

Seed Collections

Name Description Price
a packet of 10 seeds for each species – 37 species x 10 = 370 seeds £19.25
a packet of 10 seeds for each species – 10 species x 10 = 100 seeds £5.00
a packet of 10 seeds for each species – 14 species x 10 = 140 seeds £6.75
a packet of 10 seeds for each species – 61 species x 10 = 610 seeds £30.50